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4th Directive

Claims handling services under the EU 4th Motor Insurance Directive

4th Directive

EU residents who are victims of a road traffic accident elsewhere in Europe can claim compensation under the 4th EU Motor Insurance Directive 2000/26/EC (MID).

Every insurer established in a Member State of the European Economic Area (EEA) that offers third-party liability (MTPL) insurance is obliged – under the MID – to nominate a claims representative in each Member State


DEKRA Claims Services UK Ltd, as a leading provider of services to the international insurance industry, can act as such a claims representative and – in accordance with instructions provided by an insurer – will receive, handle and settle 4th Directive claims on behalf of that insurer.

Victims of an accident abroad can therefore submit a claim in their country of residence via DEKRA Claims Services UK Ltd.

Our multilingual claims handlers have expertise in the claims handling process set out in the 4th MID in addition to issues of jurisdiction and applicable law.

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