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Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle Inspection

The comprehensive vehicle inspection from DEKRA is ideal for people thinking about purchasing a second hand car (pre-purchase), or for those who have recently purchased a used vehicle (post-purchase).

As well as carrying out a full mechanical check on the vehicle, DEKRA's comprehensive vehicle inspection also offers a full body check for people who would prefer a professional opinion on the vehicle's bodywork and overall cosmetic appearance.

What does the DEKRA comprehensive vehicle inspection include?

  • A full inspection of the vehicle, checking up to 202 items
  • Bodywork check which involves an assessment on the paint depth on the vehicle's panels.
  • 10-mile road test to ensure all electrical instruments are functioning (if applicable)
  • Interior check
  • Air conditioning (if present)
  • Car Data Check (pre-purchase inspections only)

Cancellation Policy: If a pre-arranged vehicle inspection is cancelled less than 24 hours prior to the appointment, then a cancellation fee of £78 is incurred by the client. Any cancellation before this time is charged at £35 to the client.

Please call 0800 334 5678 to book your Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection today.

Click below to book via our independent bookings website or request a callback.

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