Construction Site Safety Coordination

Improving safe and reliable construction processes, reducing risks and incidents

A construction site is a dynamic, constantly evolving workplace. Many different companies and supplier work in parallel and affect each other. In addition, vagaries of weather, deliveries and unforeseen events put pressure on stakeholders managing tight deadlines and cost restrictions. Under these conditions, safe working can act as an enabler for reliable construction processes and reduce the risk of incidents or accidents that threaten the health and safety of those on site.

Construction safety management and coordination by DEKRA
Construction safety management and coordination by DEKRA

Just as partnering with the most competent engineers and builders contributes to your project’s success, finding the right safety expert helps you to fulfil your own goals by keeping people safe and healthy and your timeline intact.

Our safety experts know their way around a construction site and specialize in on-site consulting to support you with your construction safety management. We provide single, targeted sessions, a complete package of services or something in between, depending on your needs. Also Safety Culture improvement can be integrated into traditional coordination activities. Having a trusted advisor by your side and in person is a practical, efficient way to eliminate or minimize construction site dangers without sacrificing performance.

Your Benefits

  • Improved safety by reducing exposure and risks
  • Improved health and motivation of employees
  • Improved reliability and robustness of your processes
  • Minimize threats to your construction project time line and budget
  • Achieve Compliance with legal requirements
  • Gain insights through safety assessments and analyses

Our Approach

We are on-site promoting site safety with our expertise through any and every phase of the construction site life cycle. Our services are tailored to your project, whether you require intensive support in specific areas or sustained assistance throughout. DEKRA can support you with individual advise, construction site safety culture improvement or up to 24/7 on-site safety expert support.

In the planning phase, we:

  • Provide advice regarding legal requirements
  • Gather necessary documents for the implementation phase
  • Create a health and safety plan
  • Prepare advance notice for construction site
  • Establish site regulations

In the implementation phase, we:

  • Appoint construction safety coordinators
  • Organize and carry out site visits according to protocols
  • Communicate with trade associations and authorities
  • Brief teams on the health and safety plan


  • We provide both comprehensive and customized construction site safety services.
  • We offer specialist knowledge for engineering structures and energy plants.
  • We specialize in testing for safety-related equipment.
  • We have many years of experience in dealing with construction site regulations, authorities and accident insurances.
  • We offer a comprehensive portfolio that includes complementary services available under one roof.
  • We are unique in combining safety expertise with safety culture and safety leadership diagnostic and development
  • Our multi-national presence enables you to receive support in the required regions and languages

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