Building a Resilient & Mentally Fit Organisation

Creating a Culture of Care and Resilience

When leading an organisation through any period of crisis and change, it is vitally important that leaders have effective and open communications with their workforce. Responding appropriately to employee requirements and focusing on wellbeing, can shape the way organisations navigate through change. When executed effectively, this type of authentic leadership can result in lessening negative impacts of a crisis and strengthening the team.

Building a Resilient & Mentally Fit Organisation

Times of crisis illustrate the importance of capable leadership; with the most successful leaders being those that are able to respond to rapidly changing events, whilst maintaining the trust and respect of their team. Trust is a critical factor to organisations in times of crisis, and building and maintaining it should be a priority for anyone in a leadership position.

The reinforcement of leadership skills and focusing on mental fitness and well-being of all team members, is therefore key to enduring organisational challenges that occur both internally and externally.

Remote tools are a highly effective suitable solution to aid both leaders and the workforce at large, both throughout and following the pandemic; our experts are here to offer support through a fully remote suite of solutions to assist organisations navigate through this current unprecedented global crisis.

Building a Resilient & Mentally Fit Organisation

The Programme

To help you gain an enhanced awareness of employees perceptions and their mental fitness, and put in place the relevant solutions to support and mitigate against any areas of vulnerability, we have worked in partnership with experts in mental wellbeing, true thought leaders, to create this comprehensive and fully bespoke programme; designed to help you lead your team through this current unprecedented global crisis, and beyond.

With our support and through this programme, you can build a resilient and mentally fit organisation, that can navigate through times of crisis and emerge stronger. Our comprehensive programme has been designed to offer a programme of support for wellbeing and resilience; using our unique framework, our experts assess a number of key areas.

Building a Resilient & Mentally Fit Organisation Framework

Our Approach

We will support you to identify and address your colleagues’ needs for communication, resources, safety and mental fitness. Guiding you through the journey to building d a resilient and mentally fit organisation that can manage crisis and merge stronger; we offer an appropriate programme of support for leadership, wellbeing and resilience based on your specific requirements. Starting with a survey, our approach will help you support your employees as they adapt to any changes in the workplace environment as a result of crisis, pinpoint critical gaps and prioritise where to take action.

Our comprehensive programme has been designed to create authentic leaders that focus on the wellbeing of the workforce; our recommendations are entirely bespoke and dependent on the unique situation of each organisation, with the recommended pathway through our framework made through the assessment of the following areas:

  • Personal Wellbeing
  • Support & Balance
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Remote Work Enablement
  • On-site Safety

Your Benefits

Building a resilient and mentally fit organisation will enable you to unlock valuable workforce insight; allowing your leaders to become authentic and your organisation to become stronger and more resilient. Our programme has been designed to increase your organisation's resilience and operational output, through developing authentic leadership and creating a culture of care and measurable sustainable improvement of safety outcomes. Benefits of the programme include:

  • Reinforcement of authentic leadership skills;
  • Enhance awareness of employee perceptions;
  • Increased relevant communications and connections;
  • Guided by the experts using a consulting approach;
  • Bespoke, fully adaptable and customisable programme, tailored to you organisation's specific requirements;
  • Recommendations of pragmatic solutions;
  • Mentally fit workforce;
  • Creating a culture of care;
  • Increase organisational resilience and operational output during times of crisis;
  • Improved management of change.

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