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Vehicle Management Services

Services for professionals

We support manufacturers, leasing and rental companies, fleet operators and car dealers in the commercial trade with vehicles and help to increase the efficiency of your business.

Vehicle management services

Services for professional players in vehicle management, ranging from the inclusion of a vehicle in your fleet, to checks in the event of a transfer of risk, to the end of term inspection of a vehicle.

DEKRA is also a valuable partner in the subsequent sales process for your vehicles. Here DEKRA offers both, support in the form of on-site service and suitable tools which increase your efficiency and the satisfaction of your customers. With the DEKRA portfolio you can digitise your processes and improve your performance.

We also offer consulting services for the optimisation of your processes.

By using DEKRA solutions you can:

  • Increase process control and reduce throughput times and costs
  • Increase flexibility and variability
  • Rely on the trustworthy expertise of DEKRA and act neutrally towards your customers
  • Standardise and digitise descriptions, reports and documents
  • Protect your transaction prices
  • Reduce remarketing delivery times and improve press performance
  • Reduce your inventory levels and improve your financial results
  • Create transparency in your processes
  • Increase your transaction values

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