Medium / High Voltage Testing

Testing, Inspection and Certification for Power Transmission & Distribution Equipment

DEKRA’s medium/high voltage testing specialists help equipment manufacturers, power grid operators, energy utility companies and large-scale energy users to guarantee the reliability and safety of their power transmission and distribution networks.

About Medium/High Voltage Testing

DEKRA’s medium/high voltage testing specialists help customers evaluate the safety and reliability of all components across their power transmission and distribution networks and to ensure the safety and compliance.
DEKRA helps manufacturers of power grids and systems to verify that their products have been thoroughly tested according to national and international standards safety regulations. In addition to providing comprehensive assessments to ensure full compliance with national requirements in different countries worldwide, DEKRA also provides the necessary testing reports and certification services for our customers’ products.
At DEKRA, we work to provide safety throughout the entire power value chain, from where power is generated and transmitted to the final distribution and user. Our experts carry out many different tests throughout our global network of laboratories. Those tests include:
  • Short circuit tests
  • Making and breaking tests
  • Short-time and peak withstand tests
  • Synthetic tests on high-voltage circuit breakers
  • Power arc tests
  • Dielectric tests
    • Lightning-impulse
    • Switching-impulse
    • Power frequency voltage tests
    • Heat cycle ageing tests
    • RIV and Corona tests
    • Partial discharge measurements
  • Determination of sound level of any equipment
  • Temperature-rise tests
  • Mechanical tests, pollution and aging tests
Our experts are available to test near customers’ premises, either in one of our DEKRA laboratories worldwide, in a customers’ own laboratory under DEKRA supervision or in one of our associated third-party laboratories under DEKRA supervision.