Solar Power

Harvesting the energy of the sun – safely and effectively

Solar Power

Photovoltaic technology is in high demand. As economies and populations grow, so does the demand for electricity. Thanks to its scalability, solar power is suitable for applications varying in size, ranging from private homes to large-scale industrial operations. Experts expect the technology to be the world’s main source of power by 2050 . Consequently, safety and productivity are key considerations. In order to facilitate a sustainable power supply, energy providers, operators and manufacturers of solar power systems have to ensure their products are safe, reliable, and conform to industry standards. With a comprehensive service portfolio, DEKRA is there to help.


Planning is one of the key factors for success, especially with projects that so heavily depend on the on-site weather conditions like PV systems. There is a lot to take into consideration: environmental aspects, how suitable the location is for solar power, and which permits and authorizations to obtain beforehand. With DEKRA, you are covered: Our experts provide services like solar and environmental impact assessments, evaluate the site, assist in project and operation certifications, and provide support in training your staff on technical aspects and safety. There is a lot to keep in mind during the planning stages. DEKRA helps you keep track of everything.

Construction & Procurement

Construction and procurement processes are complex - which can leave them wide open to risk. Thus, the goal is to minimize downtime, maximize productivity and ensure safety and security for everyone involved during the entire phase. Our DEKRA experts provide design, manufacturing, on-site construction, installation, and commissioning as well as training services. This includes environment, health, and safety (EHS) project management, operational safety, testing PV module and components, second- and third-party inspections, and tests according to international standards.


The operational phase puts the focus on processes like on-site construction, installation and commissioning, production and maintenance, and ongoing training for the staff. Regular inspections and trained personnel ensure a smooth operation and help avoid downtime. During the operational phase of the PV system, DEKRA provides support in, for example, technical and non-destructive testing, electrical and drone inspections as well as second- and third-party inspections and training on transport safety and environmental protection.


The dismantling of a photovoltaic system is more than just an afterthought; it requires due consideration and diligence. Safety and the potential environmental impact are key areas of focus in the end-of-life phase. Therefore, a thorough and careful approach is just as important in the dismantling phase as it is during the planning, construction, and operation of the system. DEKRA assists with drawing up and managing an environmental dismantling plan for the site and the PV modules, site safety management, and offers training in transport safety and environmental protection.

Support for everyone involved

To ensure a safe and productive process from start to finish, we offer a comprehensive service portfolio to all involved in the planning, building, and operating of solar power systems as well as their end-of-life phase. This includes support for project developers, investors, manufacturers, operators and those in the finance and insurance sector