Environmental Sticker Austria

The sticker is now available in our online shop: https://shop.dekra.at

Why do I need an Austrian environmental sticker?
In many parts of Austria there is already a driving restriction for trucks of the exhaust emission classes EURO 0 to 2. In the future, further driving restrictions for older vehicles will follow, e.g. for EURO 3.
Therefore, vehicles of the classes N1 and N must be obligatorily marked with a sticker indicating the exhaust emission class.
Where do I need a sticker?
In principle, the usage regulation applies to all HGVs, regardless of fuel type and permissible gross weight. This also includes so-called fiscal cars, which are registered as N1 trucks. In particular, however, it is obligatory in the following areas:
  • In the so-called "redevelopment areas" in Vienna, the Vienna environs (Lower Austria), on the A1 Westautobahn section between the Enns Ost junction and the Haid junction (Upper Austria), Inntalautobahn between Kufstein and Innsbruck/Zirl in Tyrol (Tyrol),
  • Everywhere where ad hoc restrictions are imposed by the local authority on the basis of air readings in accordance with the IL-G Act.
Who needs a sticker?
All vehicles of classes N and N1 - i.e. not only lorries over 3.5 tonnes (N2,N3), but also all fiscal lorries up to 3500kg (N1).
Validity period of the sticker
The environmental sticker is valid for the lifetime of the vehicle. If the windscreen of the vehicle is damaged and needs to be replaced, a replacement sticker can be issued by means of the registration papers and the document "IG-LUFT PLAKETTENZUWEISUNG".
Where can I get the sticker?
We at DEKRA Austria operate our own web shop https://shop​.dekra​.at where you can buy the environmental sticker from the comfort of your own home - we guarantee fast delivery by post and uncomplicated processing!
How does it work?
  • 1. Go to our webshop: https://shop​.dekra​.at
  • 2. Enter the VIN (chassis number) of your vehicle.
  • 3. Upload the vehicle documents showing the classification of the exhaust gas class.
  • 4. We will send you your finished environmental sticker and the corresponding document “IG-LUFT PLAKETTENZUWEISUNG " within a few working days.
  • 5. DONE!