Sustainability (ESG/CSRD) Readiness for FORS ​

Achieve ESG/CSRD and FORS V7 requirements with DEKRA's expert guidance.

Achieve Sustainability Excellence for Your Fleet

In the current regulatory climate, fleet operators are increasingly required to demonstrate rigorous sustainability practices to comply with Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) regulations and Fleet Operation Recognition Scheme (FORS) standards. Failure to meet these standards can lead to non-compliance penalties, reduced customer trust, and potential exclusion from tender processes. DEKRA's Sustainability Readiness service provides a comprehensive solution, enabling your organisation to not only meet but exceed these crucial standards, enhancing your market position and operational efficiency.
Navigating ESG Compliance: Your Pathway to FORS Readiness
In an era where environmental impact and sustainability are front of mind, many organisations face significant challenges. Navigating complex ESG regulations can be daunting without expert guidance, and preparing for FORS V7 sustainability requirements demands precise knowledge and resources. Additionally, a lack of comprehensive ESG data can hinder transparency with stakeholders. DEKRA’s Sustainability (ESG/CSRD) Readiness for FORS service is specifically designed to address these pain points by providing expert assessments and strategic guidance, ensuring your fleet operations are not only compliant but also positioned as leaders in sustainability.
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Our process ensures that every aspect of your sustainability efforts is aligned with industry best practices and regulatory expectations.
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