Photometric Testing

Safety, Quality and Performance from Light Sources and High-Tech Lighting Systems to Automotive Lighting

DEKRA’s photometric testing specialists offer thorough photometric assessment and testing services to ensure that our customers’ products are fully compliant with and approved for all necessary national and international regulations.

About Photometric Testing

DEKRA’s photometric testing specialists perform comprehensive tests of a wide range of lighting products in order to provide specific photometric properties.
Our photometric testing services are available to characterize spectral distribution, lamp efficacy, luminous flux, UV contents and reflection and transmission. Photobiological safety testing to avoid any harm from light to end users is also included in our photometric testing services.
Lighting is a key driver in the advance of the Internet of Things (IoT) and connected, smart homes, buildings and cities. Smarter lighting systems with a range of innovative new functionalities also face stricter regulations and requirements, with DEKRA’s photometric testing specialists able to guarantee that our customers are fully accountable for new lighting products’ safety and performance.