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Organisational Diagnostic, Assessment and Development

Safety, reliability and performance through targeted diagnostics and assessments

The impact of company culture on performance is undeniable, yet often undervalued. Looking analytically beneath the surface of processes and protocols to examine the human element, however, may reveal areas where improvement can lead to major performance gains. With attention to cultural factors, organisations can experience transformations in safety, employee motivation and even supply chain integrity.

We have developed a portfolio of tried and true diagnostic tools and assessments to support cultural transformation. Our consultants help you decide on the right approach for your company, from customised surveys to qualitative assessments to specially designed instruments such as our Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) assessment, our Culture of Care Diagnostic® tool or our Awareness to Advocacy assessment. Working closely with you, we share our expertise to design tailored solutions that bring positive change to your enterprise and the entire supply chain.

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From the very start, the team took their time to immerse themselves in our specific industry and understand the nuances of our operations. DEKRA's ability to distil complex information into clear, actionable insights was particulary impressive.

Julie Westcott, Group HSE Director, SIG

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