Brand and Corporate Standard Audits
Is your customer experience hurting your sales and brand reputation?

Enhance your brand value and market presence with expert audits.

Brand and Corporate Standard Audits

Strengthen your distribution and customer services network

Standard Audits assess your distribution network to give you more control over sales and service systems.
Your competition doesn’t sleep. One way to keep up with your competitors and give your brand a competitive advantage is with our one-stop shop standard checklist audits. It helps you evaluate the performance and compliance of your dealers and workshops and improve your customer service.
Some of the critical areas we focus on when conducting audits are:
  • Comprehensive analysis of your facilities, locations and properties
  • Quality and condition of the equipment
  • Accurate pricing labels
  • Test drives and demonstration techniques
  • Maintenance/repair services and technician expertise
  • Professionalism of your sales, after-sales and support staff
  • IT processes
  • Financial status and stability
Global network

Our network of specialised automotive auditors spans the globe, ready to assist no matter when or where needs arise

Customised solutions

We help you develop effective strategies and solutions customised to your established standards and goals.

Cost savings

We provide comprehensive standard audit services from a single source to save you time and money.

Expert auditors

Our independent auditors are fluent in all regulatory standards and best practices in the automotive distribution industry.

Impartial insights

As a neutral third party, we deliver reliable services and business expertise.