Sustainability Reporting Verification

Transparency through professional sustainability reporting and environmental impact awareness

Every company has an impact on the environment. By calculating environmental indicators and assessing sustainability, organisations learn how their activities affect the planet and what they can do to achieve better outcomes. We specialise in helping our clients determine their environmental impact and prepare sustainability reports, both of which build trust with consumers and promote the responsible use of precious resources.

Sustainability reporting signals to potential investors, partners, regulators and the public that your organisation is dedicated to long-term viability and resource stewardship. It is also required by law in some countries and goes hand-in-hand with environmental impact evaluations that seek to quantify the effects companies have on the environment.
Measuring and assessing environmental indicators and compiling documentation on sustainable practices and performance is a complex undertaking best trusted to the experts. Fortunately, we have the knowledge and experience to advise and assist you in these endeavors.

Your Benefits

  • Professional sustainability report and reliable environmental impact figures
  • The basis for a robust sustainability strategy and expert advice on implementation
  • Documentation establishing your environmental impact as well as regulatory compliance
  • A reputation for environmental responsibility among partners and the public

Our Approach

We aim to support our clients in complying with external standards, reaching their individual sustainability goals and cultivating a lasting environmentally conscious mindset. To this end, we offer every company individualized solutions based on close consultation with our experts. Whether measuring and compiling environmental performance indicators or preparing a sustainability report, we not only assess the status quo, but have the expertise to map out a plan for improvement.
Environmental indicators
We begin by establishing which areas within your organisation are environmentally relevant. Using a three-dimensional matrix, we collect data, make calculations and carry out analyses. The three dimensions are:
  • Operative aspects of the business (products, processes, operations)
  • Product life cycle (manufacturing, storage, packaging, waste/water/energy management, logistics, air quality control)
  • Up and downstream causes causes and effects (energy and material flows)
The individual steps in the process are as follows:
  1. Relevance and needs analysis
  2. Compilation of data
  3. Calculation of CO2 emissions
  4. Data analysis
  5. Recommendations for reducing emissions
The final step takes place in a meeting between our clients and experts where we share our results and devise a plan for reducing carbon emissions and exploring compensation options.
Sustainability reporting
Our experts provide clients the support they need to compile an accurate, legally valid sustainability report, including technical review and confirmation of environmental indicators. Our sustainability reporting service includes the following:
  • Greenhouse gas/carbon emissions assessment
  • Data and process management involvement
  • Development of a company-specific climate strategy
  • Establishment of key indicators
  • Employee engagement through targeted communication


  • We are experts in environmental due diligence, environmental indicator assessment and sustainability issues.
  • We have a global network of experienced experts with comprehensive knowledge of international and local regulations.
  • We specialise in helping companies optimise their environmental strategies and reduce their environmental impact.