Safety Testing for Electrical Products

Safety Testing of Electronic Consumer Products and Machinery

DEKRA verifies that our customers’ electrical products are safe and that they meet all the required national or international standards, allowing our customers to market their products across multiple different markets worldwide.

About Safety Testing for Electrical Products

Electricity revolutionized society. Nowadays, electrically powered equipment is everywhere. Safety testing for electrical products is one of the key building blocks of product safety testing in modern society. Much more than merely meeting the latest recognized standards, electrical safety testing is about protecting the people for whom a product was designed and the environment in which it will be used. DEKRA’s specialists ensure that our customers’ products not only meet all the necessary recognized standards worldwide, but that they are also completely safe to use for the people for whom they were designed and for the environments in which they were designed to be used.
By reviewing all the necessary requirements that products need to comply with according to national and international standards, our experts provide product manufacturers, importers and retail the peace of mind that goes along with the highest product safety. Our services range from specifying the product samples and documentation required, booking the test facilities across our global network to informing customers about the progress of tests or flagging the potential causes of any deficiencies.