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Electrical Safety Testing

Safety testing of electric and electronic machines, products, systems and parts

Safety Testing for Electrical Products

Protecting the people for whom a product was designed

Non-conformant devices might expose users to electrical shock, mechanical hazards, fire hazards, electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, harmful radiation, acoustic noise, high or low temperatures, biological and chemical effects, explosion and more. Does this sound overwhelming? At DEKRA, we’re here to help you with electrical safety testing.

Why DEKRA for Safety testing for Electrical Products

  • Largest scope: Largest scope of TIC industries covered, with a specialization in electrical products and electronics
  • Expert knowledge of standards: We offer expert knowledge of standards, supported by our active participation in consortia and discussion groups
  • Global coverage: Wherever you are producing or selling, with our global network of labs we can help you in an efficient way

How can we help you with Safety testing for Electrical Products?

For manufacturers, it is essential to single out potential consumer and operator hazards in the early stages of the development process. For importers and retailers, it is important to have access to testing documentation and certificates. In view of the large number of applicable standards and local regulations, you require expert knowledge to help you navigate through pitfalls and avoid unnecessary overlaps.

At DEKRA, our experts will support you by testing against the right standards, not only under normal operating conditions, but also under extreme ones. Our global network of test laboratories and trusted DEKRA experts as well as our extensive scope offer you innovative solutions tailored to your own specifications. Continue reading on more specific pages about Electrical Safety Testing services in case you are looking for more (technical) details or reach out to one of our experts for more information.

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