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DEKRA’s Auditing and Inspection Services

With over 90 years’ experience DEKRA has an enviable reputation as one of Europe’s premier audit, inspection and certification organisations. Audits play a critical role in setting standards and the understanding, monitoring and strategic development of products and services that our customers provide to their customers.
DEKRA are the independent and impartial partner for your auditing needs, whatever your business. Whilst we specialise in supporting the automotive sector, our audit services can be utilised by any business or network as part of a strategy to improve processes, compliance and adherence to brand standards and ultimately your customers’ experience.
Our auditing and inspection services build trust and confidence in your business and offer transparency and insight into yours and your suppliers services, not just demonstrating meeting the standards but raising the bar for your business.
DEKRA's Expertise

We hold over 200 accreditations

In-house Experts

We work with 560 in-house experts

External Auditors

We work with 1,200 external auditors

Global Partners

We have partners in 18 countries

Our Approach

At DEKRA we can provide complete auditing or inspection solutions utilising our own fully customisable industry leading software platform, working with you to create audits in line with your requirements and the deployment of the audit or inspection activity on any scale, across whole networks, UK wide and even Globally.
We can provide resources at scale to carry out auditing and inspection activities using your existing auditing tools and systems.
We work with you to:
  • Scope your needs, strategy, requirements and criteria
  • Design the audit or inspection framework and checkpoints
  • Thoroughly pilot & test within the environment
  • Deploy the audit on any scale
  • Provide reporting and analysis on the findings in real time through our own audit platform
  • Ensure consistency and quality control of results through robust QC processes
Find out more about the types of audit and inspection we can provide for you.
Audits and Inspection Services

    Brand and Corporate Standard Audits

    Strengthen your distribution and customer services network
    Standard Audits assess your distribution network to give you more control over sales and service systems.
    Your competition doesn’t sleep. One way to keep up with your competitors and give your brand a competitive advantage is with our one-stop shop standard checklist audits. It helps you evaluate the performance and compliance of your dealers and workshops and improve your customer service.
    The benefits of brand & corporate standard audits:
    • Data collected on-site is documented and analysed quantifiably
    • It is a productive tool for assessing and comparing your partners’ performance and services
    • Gives you and your employees detailed information needed to excel in customer service
    • Strengthens your brand reputation, adds value and gives you a competitive advantage
    • Standard Audits we provide are tailored to your individual circumstances and needs. Our experts will be there for you and support you throughout the whole process.
    Some of the critical areas we focus on when conducting audits are:
    • Comprehensive analysis of your facilities, locations and properties
    • Quality and condition of the equipment
    • Accurate pricing labels
    • Test drives and demonstration techniques
    • Maintenance/repair services and technician expertise
    • Professionalism of your sales, after-sales and support staff
    • IT processes
    • Financial status and stability