Product Regulations Guidance

Guidance & Training
Safe is personnel equipped with vital knowledge

Are you looking for guidance on product certification or training for specific topics?

Are you looking for a specific product-related or topic-related training course? Regulatory and legal requirements are continuously changing, both at national and international level. Keeping your team up to date on the latest changes is challenging, especially when they are working on a new product and their focus is on core tasks such as research and development.

Why DEKRA for Product Regulations Guidance

  • Approachable experts: You work with the right product expert for you – someone who knows your business
  • Company-specific training: We tailor our training courses to your specific needs; efficiency and effectiveness are key
  • Stay up to date: We keep you up to date on what is changing in the world of standards and directives

How can we help you with Product Regulations Guidance?

Next to training, we provide general guidance on relevant technical and regulatory requirements by assessing the market destination of your product and the cost-benefit ratio. In addition, we can conduct regulatory screening before testing and certification to check whether you have addressed all relevant elements of the applicable product safety standards. This avoids you having to make costly alterations to your product at a later stage.
Depending on your sector and product, guidance could consist of:
  • Preliminary product investigation
  • Design review
  • Risk analysis
  • Overview of all applicable standards and regulations
  • Regulatory pathway reviews
  • Prototype 3D analysis
  • Gap analysis of technical documentation
  • Regulatory and compliance training
Continue reading on more specific pages about Product Regulations Guidance services in case you are looking for more (technical) details or reach out to one of our experts for more information.