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Warranty Audits

Compliant, competent and competitive with solid warranty skills

Warranty Audits

Warranty checklist audits help manufacturers ensure quality services at the dealerships and workshops selling and servicing their products.

In addition, warranty audits provide objective evaluation to support effective improvement measures designed to maintain brand reputation and boost customer satisfaction.

Your benefits:

  • Improvement of your warranty processes
  • Assurance that incentives are being appropriately applied
  • Brand enhancement with quality warranty services
  • A high level of customer satisfaction to encourage customer loyalty
  • Get a real sense of your actual customer service record
  • Improvement of process through detection of non-appropriate warranty allocations

Our solution:

Our experts provide comprehensive and international warranty checklist auditing for the full scope of dealer services to ensure quality performance and customer satisfaction. We have developed a standardised auditing process and can tailor a warranty audit according to your individual circumstance and needs.

Our experienced auditors support you in all phases of the project:

  1. Preparation
  2. Planning
  3. Checklist audit
  4. Reporting

At your request, we are happy to provide you complementary benchmarking analysis providing general best/worst warranty process practices and giving you effective recommendations aimed at improving warranty tools and processes.


  • Our experienced auditors have a deep understanding of the automotive industry
  • We help you identify areas and processes in need of improvement
  • Our warranty checklist audits provide insight into your continuing customer service
  • We help you ensure quality service and boost customer satisfaction
  • Our services are designed to strengthen brand image for competitive advantage on an international level

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