DEKRA Consulting

Trusted Advisors in Process Safety Excellence

We help our clients understand and evaluate their risks and work together to develop pragmatic solutions.

DEKRA Consulting

DEKRA's consultancy services: Our team is your team

Process Safety Consultancy requires a wide range of specialised skills and competencies. DEKRA has three decades of experience in providing these expert solutions to support your business.

DEKRA Process Safety Academy

Competence Development in Process Safety reduces accidents and disasters

Competence in process safety is critical, and we provide you with tailor-made programmes to develop the skills of your employees.

Process Safety Testing

Accurate process safety data with comprehensive testing

We provide comprehensive testing services carried out in state-of-the-art laboratories by process safety experts and in accordance with local and international standards.

DEKRA Instruments

Precise instruments for self-sufficient safety data and maintenance

Portable, hand-held and laboratory instruments provide a degree of self-sufficiency by allowing you collect some types of relevant safety data in-house.

DEKRA Process Safety Instrumentation

Process Safety Solutions

The breadth and depth of our expertise in process safety make us globally recognised specialists and trusted advisors in the field. We help our clients understand and evaluate their risks and work together to develop pragmatic solutions.

Our value-adding, practical approach integrates specialist process safety management, engineering and testing. We seek to educate and grow client competence to provide sustainable performance improvement. Partnering with our clients we combine technical expertise with a passion for protecting people and assets and reducing harm. As part of DEKRA, the world’s leading expert organisation, we are the global partner for a safer world.

For over thirty years we have provided specialist services for the identification, analysis, prevention and management of fires, explosions and accidental chemical releases in the chemical and process industry.

Our Process Safety Solutions

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