circular economy
Holistically sustainable

Natural resources are finite. Rely on our experience to conserve them and realise a circular economy

Circular Economy

Trying to re-use, reduce and recycle is a major factor to act more responsible and sustainable. DEKRA knows how to take circular economy standards seriously.

Innovative circular economy incentives are a major tool to work more sustainable while at the same time improving performance for reduced costs and higher profits.

DEKRA helps in four areas:
  • Making products as durable as possible and extend their lifetime by meeting e.g. ISO standards with critical reviews and verification processes.
  • Greener Electronics: DEKRA offers customized solutions for manufacturers around the globe to produce products that are compliant with the standards of the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) Registry.
  • A reliable supply chain needs sufficient control to be genuinely sustainable. DEKRA provides constant identification, assessment and reduction of risks along all partners.
  • DEKRA is active in the agricultural sector. For Biomass and Bioenergy producers, ISCC certification is a strong tool. Our experienced and independent experts provide optimal support for the certification.