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Product Certification & Marks

Get your products accepted and ready for use all over the world

Product Certification & Marks

Securing your passport for business with DEKRA

Certification marks demonstrate that your products have been tested thoroughly and meet the required safety or performance standards. At DEKRA, we issue a wide range of marks and certifications so you can demonstrate to your clients and end-users that safety, performance and quality are important to you.

Why DEKRA for Product Certification & Marks

  • High acceptance and recognition: Both the DEKRA brand and our certifications enjoy high acceptance and recognition in many markets around the world.
  • Highly respected: DEKRA is a highly respected Notified Body and is recognized for testing and certifying products according to many national and international directives
  • Specialized knowledge: Are you looking for specialized knowledge of your market? We pride ourselves on sharing our knowledge with you. Reach out to us, our experts and our extensive network of laboratories to learn just what we can do for you
  • Objective guidance: Are you involved in a complex situation? No need to worry! Our objective guidance can put you back on track
  • Strong involvement: We take part in standardization committees and innovative industry consortia, combining the best of both the world of regulations and the realm of fast-developing and innovative technologies

How can we help you with Product Certification & Marks?

Products marketed in the European Union need to meet various regulations relating to aspects such as, safety, performance and quality. For most products, manufacturers, importers, and retailers can demonstrate compliance with the applicable regulations by means of the CE mark. They perform the CE conformity assessment themselves and issue the CE mark. Often, they will involve an objective and independent third party, such as DEKRA, to obtain a safety or quality mark (e.g. KEMA-KEUR, ENEC+, or GS).

For specific product groups, it is mandatory to arrange for a third party – called a Notified Body – to certify compliance. This is called an EU-Type Examination. Examples of such product groups include medical devices and electrical products used in explosive atmospheres, toys and telecom & carriers. Continue reading on more specific pages about Product Certification & Marks services in case you are looking for more (technical) details or reach out to one of our experts for more information.

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