Explosion Protection Services

Testing of Products Designed for Use in Dangerous or Potentially Explosive Environments

Customers for DEKRA’s explosion protection services are usually manufacturers of any equipment, components or protective systems used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

DEKRA’s explosion safety specialists help customers to minimise all risks associated with such products, components or protective systems.

About Explosion Protection Services

DEKRA is a recognised European Notified Body for testing, assessments and certification of products designed to work in dangerous atmospheres or in potentially explosive environments, including petrol stations, gas containers or combustion energy transportation and storehouses.
Our explosion safety specialists assess and certify according to the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU, among others. Additionally, we are a founding member of the globally acknowledged IECEx scheme, through which we provide services both as a certification body (ExCB) and as a testing laboratory (ExTL).
DEKRA’s explosion protection test results are widely accepted internationally, providing our customers with a firm foundation for operating on a global scale. DEKRA is acknowledged by and collaborates with many national test and approval centers including FM Approvals, USCG and MSHA in the US, NEPSI and CQST in China, NANIO CCVE in Russia, and KTL, KOSHA and KGS in the Republic of Korea.