Sustainability Reporting

Increased trust in your company through sustainability reporting

Alongside the annual report, sustainability reporting is now the most important element of corporate information policy. By providing your sustainability information, you strengthen consumer confidence and actively drive the mindful use of resources.

Sustainability reporting has been subject to the accounting standard DRS 20 (HGB 315 para. 5, p. 2) since 2012. While sustainability reporting was originally a voluntary instrument to promote companies’ transparency and credibility, it is increasingly becoming a legal obligation.
Although mainly listed companies with more than 500 employees are required to provide it, sustainability reporting is also increasingly relevant for medium-sized companies as a result of the CSR-RUG and the CSRD. The reporting is intended to make environmental protection and corporate social responsibility transparent and assessable.

Your Benefits

  • Objective overview of your current commitment and an awareness of your key sustainability issues
  • Provision of technical and organisational knowledge based on all three sustainability pillars (economic, environmental, social)
  • Optimization suggestions to improve your sustainability performance
  • Enhanced image based on improved social and environmental management
  • Early preparation for increasingly comprehensive reporting requirements in the SME sector
  • Preparation of legally compliant, comparable and transparent sustainability reports
  • Compliance with a wide range of reporting standards and frameworks (e.g. German Sustainability Code (DNK), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), UN Global Compact, UN Sustainable Development Goals)

Our Approach

Our experienced experts support you with professional advice and holistic training in the preparation of a correct and guideline-compliant sustainability report. Our aim is not only to provide you with a customised and compliant report, but also to provide your employees with the necessary skills to prepare future sustainability reports without our experts’ support.
Our service includes the following steps:
  1. Joint selection of a suitable reporting standard
  2. Identification and compilation of essential topics and information
  3. Identification of gaps and potential for improvement (gap assessment)
  4. Recommendations for future processes and measures


  • We have extensive experience in sustainability reporting according to all recognized standards.
  • We are an official DNK training partner and DNK mentor.
  • We know the problems and challenges of our clients regardless of their industry or size.
  • With our tailored consulting, we support you from the outset all the way through to a recognised sustainability report.