Copyright Mark Policy

Introduction to our policy
Copyright is defined by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. It is not mandatory for us to copyright our website content but it is recommended because it will:
(1) make it clear that the work is subject to copyright;
(2) provide a means of identifying the copyright owner; and
(3) deter infringement or plagiarism.
The recognised convention is to write the word Copyright; this is followed by the copyright symbol ©; the year of publication and copyright owner’s name.
Please note the phrase "All Rights Reserved" was a requirement in order to claim international copyright protection in countries signed up to the 1910 Buenos Aires Convention. However, since all countries signed up to the Buenos Aires Convention are now also signed up to the Berne Convention (which grants automatic copyright) this phrase has become superfluous.
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Companies covered by this policy

  • DEKRA UK Management Limited
  • DEKRA UK Limited
  • DEKRA Automotive Limited
  • DEKRA Claims Services UK Limited