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Process Safety Instrumentation

DEKRA’s expertise in the design, personalisation and supply of advanced, technical laboratory instruments is built on the innovation and high manufacturing standards we have developed over more than 30 years.

Process Safety Instrumentation

Precise Instruments for self-sufficient safety data and maintenance

Choosing the correct process safety instrument is a complex and technical task. Whether it's for an R&D laboratory or an on-site testing application, DEKRA has nearly 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of advanced instruments.

Our expertise in the design, personalisation and supply of advanced, technical laboratory instruments is built on the innovation and high manufacturing standards we have developed over more than 30 years

As process industries strive to meet and even exceed safety standards, companies need solutions that help them achieve their goals. Portable, hand-held and laboratory instruments provide a degree of self-sufficiency by allowing companies to collect some types of relevant safety data on their own.

Over our 30 years in the industrial safety business we have built an impeccable reputation in process safety and electrostatic testing, backed by global laboratories and well proven equipment. We bring this experience and expertise to the design and manufacture of superior instruments that complement our consulting and training services and empower our clients. Moreover, many of our electrostatic range of instruments are used for research and development of new and existing manufactured products and also for quality benchmarking.

The process safety and electrostatic instruments that we provide to customers are the same ones we use in our own laboratories, thus ensuring full functionality and reliability. We also appreciate that sometimes standard spec equipment isn't enough; whether you need an alteration on a piece of equipment we already manufacture, or something completely customised, our experienced engineers are always happy to find a solution that meets your needs.

Benefits and services for process safety instruments
Benefits and services for process safety instruments

Process Safety Instruments and Electrostatic Instrumentation

Our range of instruments is comprised of two distinct groups: process safety instruments and JCI electrostatic instrumentation. In both areas we provide a complete package of services and features that distinguish us in the field. We provide a comprehensive range of quality hand-held, portable and laboratory instruments manufactured in the UK and developed and calibrated to recognized British, EU and global standards. In addition, all our instrumnets are supplied with a 12 month warranty, comprehensive servicing, routine maintenance and fault-finding. You also benefit from our calibration services, in-company ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing and expert process safety consultancy, as well as on-site, open-access and customized process safety training.

Calibration Services

Regular calibration of test apparatus is integral to ensuring that equipment returns reliable, high quality results critical to the characterisation of materials and safe operation of processes; annual calibration is therefore highly recommended.

Using a range of master test equipment, DEKRA Process Safety provides calibration services traceable to nationally recognised standards for our range of process safety test apparatus. In circumstances where no formal calibration certificate with multipoint data is required, we offer a manufacturer’s standard performance check certificate to ensure dependable data. Service contracts are also available where equipment is tested against known data samples. With the option for on-site calibration or return to our UK based service centre, whether it be formal calibration, performance check or routine maintenance and servicing, DEKRA Process Safety offers peace of mind through our comprehensive, professional support package for all of our process safety test apparatus.

Custom Manufacturing Service

We provide a custom manufacturing service for bespoke apparatus to meet either your specific inhouse test requirements or and other test standards not covered by our standard instrument range. Examples of custom built instrumentation developed by us to address specific client needs include:

  • Adiabatic Dewar Calorimeter - for determination of temperature and pressure data resulting from runaway chemical reactions;
  • Carius Tube Screening Tool - for thermal stability and pressure rate screening to search for exothermic activity and gas generation of powders and liquids;
  • Hartmann - explosion screening system for testing small quantities of powder product.


Full 12-month warranties are supplied with all equipment.

Commissioning & Maintenance

In addition to our comprehensive commissioning service, DEKRA can also support you with contracts for repairs, maintenance, calibration and certification of our equipment consistent with a full range of quality programmes, including Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).

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