Statement of Chairman of the Management Board

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
DEKRA’s expertise and services in the fields of sustainability and corporate social responsibility make a positive contribution to society: for example through its inspection, certification and consultancy work in the areas of energy efficiency, environmental protection, occupational safety and sustainability standards as well as its activities in the spheres of integration and further education and training.
We are guided by the DEKRA values and recognized sustainability standards. This includes individual compliance and sustainability management, which builds on integrity, trust and dialog. By taking this approach, DEKRA is able to integrate this sense of responsibility convincingly into its corporate culture.
In recent years, sustainability management has been intensified. DEKRA has complied with the internationally recognized standard “The Sustainability Code” since May 2017. Our focuses going forward will be in the areas of environmental protection, occupational safety, stakeholder relationships, social standards and the supply chain.
Through initiatives and exchanges with customers, DEKRA is committed to sustainability beyond the company’s doors. DEKRA passes on the practical experience it has acquired in launching systematic and customized sustainability management procedures to other companies as part of The Sustainability Code mentoring program.
It also remains a primary objective of DEKRA to refine its own sustainability performance and further develop the external contribution to safety and sustainability.
Stefan Kölbl
Chairman of the Management Board DEKRA e.V. and DEKRA SE