Product Lifecycles and Carbon Footprint

Building trust in environmental assessments from LCAs to EPDs

Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), Environmental Product Declarations (EDPs) and Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) data are becoming more important as companies seek to establish their commitment to environmental sustainability. This is in response to growing concern among consumers about how products impact the environment in both the short and long term and how organizations are rising to meet environmental challenges.

Our consulting services can provide verification that the LCA studies underlying environmental labels are free from error and that their methodology is sound.
As neutral, third-party experts, our consultants carry out critical reviews of the relevant data and evaluations, or, in the case of comparative studies, lead critical review panels comprised of a group of specialists.
Our verifications provide reassurance to your customers and partners that your organization is doing its part to limit the carbon footprint of its products and activities and strengthens trust in the validity of ecolabels and sustainability claims.

Your Benefits

  • Objective, third-party verification of environmental claims based on LCAs
  • Expert assessments based on ISO norms related to environmental claims
  • A competitive edge through verification of data supporting ecolabeling or carbon footprint

Our Approach

Our critical reviews and verification processes evaluate the quality of the databases that LCAs draw on for their conclusions. We check for errors and ensure that data conforms to predetermined requirements. Our consultants perform their assessments based on international standards, such as:
  • ISO 14040/14044 (established standard for LCA implementation)
  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol (for carbon footprint calculations for products and organizations)
  • ISO 14064 (standard for calculating organization-wide carbon footprint)
  • PAS 2050 (standard for calculating product carbon footprint)
  • Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) (European Commission initiative)
  • ISO 14025 (core standard for EPDs and Type III ecolabels)
  • DIN EN 15804 (standard for EPDs in the construction sector)


  • We are respected third-party experts in environmental assessments
  • We have extensive experience as life cycle and carbon footprint consultants
  • We specialize in critical reviews and verifications of environmental claims