Nowadays, customers are increasingly environmentally conscious.

Surprisingly, nearly one-third of them rely on dealerships as credible sources of information to understand their vehicle‘s environmental impact. The automotive industry is actively working to reduce carbon emissions in their products and operations. These efforts now extend to the dealership network, starting at the managers’ office all the way to customer interactions in the showroom. Customers are eager to witness these changes firsthand.
Recent reports and studies indicate that by focusing on lighting, heating and cooling efficiencies alone, with no new technology purchased, a dealership could be saving around £7,000 a year. Crucial saving, when the expectations of running a dealership and being profitable has never been higher.
This whitepaper explores the critical role that sustainable practices play in dealership operations, outlining the environmental benefits and also the economic and social advantages that come with embracing green initiatives. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, dealerships that lead in sustainability are poised to gain a competitive edge.

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