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In-Life Vehicle Inspections

Strictly independent inspections ensuring the very best cost control of internal fleets (Press, Demo etc)

In-Life Vehicle Inspections

Why independent in-life Inspections?

  • An objective view from DEKRA with no involvement in further refurbishment
  • Customers are confident in DEKRA brand and independence
  • Globally - DEKRA carry out more than 26 million vehicle inspections per year
  • Can be an early signpost to final remarketing channel

Your benefits:

  • National coverage (inc Northern Ireland)
  • Central booking team cover whole UK
  • 72 hour SLA to complete inspection and publish report
  • Support you to make fair re-charges
  • Easier to introduce an expert independent team into a potentially adversarial situation

Our solutions:

  • Costed repair estimates available at point of inspection
  • Central deployment team have national view of available resources
  • Inspections to your standards (BVRLA or other)
  • Proprietary reporting suites available
  • Inspectors trained in conflict resolution


  • DEKRA carry out more than 26 million vehicle inspections per year
  • Always strictly independent – never involved with refurbishment
  • DEKRA currently work at all main UK refurbishment sites
  • Experienced in cars, LCVs, HGVs & farm equipment
  • DEKRA can also audit quality of repaired units prior to re-sale

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