Recall Campaign Management

Helping Manufacturers to deliver product recall/in-service update programmes in the best interests of all; Customers, Regulators and Networks

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Why Recall Campaigns Management?

  • Manufacturers need to reach affected customers quickly and efficiently
  • Networks may not have the experience or appetite to prioritise over other retail work
  • Potentially high level of media focus – easy to get this wrong in the eyes of the customer

Your benefits:

  • Fastest possible campaign completion rates
  • Apply standard and consistent procedures across network
  • Independent safety driven partner engaged
  • Comprehensive network-wide reporting

Our services cover:

Campaign planning

  • Market benchmark: environment, customer expectations, positioning and best practices
  • NSC & dealer analysis of expectations, capacity and return on experience
  • Draw up best compromise between parts availability and network capacity (loan cars etc)
  • Reporting suite provided & regularly updated

Campaign implementation

  • Field Coaching team provide consistent Dealer communication plan creation/coaching (scripts etc)
  • Online best practice guide and tool box available for dealer staff
  • Assist dealers with capacity planning
  • Emphasise legal compliance & customer satisfaction


  • Established as independent ‘Safety’ company since 1925
  • Fully independent
  • Over 20 years’ experience in the UK market
  • Understand evolving customer behaviours and manufacturer/dealer issues
  • Provide team with skills, knowledge, behaviours and competencies
  • Provide comprehensive reporting tools

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