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Virtual Behavioural Coaching for Leadership and Workforce: Is It Still Effective?

Training alone is not effective in producing long-term, sustainable behavioural and cultural change. The knowledge and skills gained in training must be embedded, which means old habits must be broken and new ones adopted. Our health and safety coaching services ensure this occurs by supporting the process.

Our coaches work to an agreed intervention plan created through consultation with you using diagnostic and assessment tools. The plan is designed to help you reach your safety objectives, and we provide regular reporting to measure progress towards these goals. By delivering the service to you remotely, you can ensure that Behavioural Coaching can still address health and safety behaviours at all levels and in all locations.
Join our DEKRA experts as they explore the fundamentals of Remote Behavioural Coaching and respond to your questions in this 60 minute (30 mins + QA) webinar. They will discuss what remote coaching is; why organisations typically undertake remote coaching; the benefits; real-life case-studies; the objectives of remote coaching:
  • achieving goals;
  • enhancing performance;
  • moving to greater success.
Date and time
04 May 2021 2:00 pm (BST)