Retail Sales Coaching

Well-proven performance improvement programmes for brands and dealers, helping them adapt to an ever-changing market and customer demands.

Why Retail Sales Coaching Programmes?

  • Brands and Dealers have to adapt their approach to the market in order to remain competitive
  • Must also ensure that they present key elements of brand differentiation through both product and customer experience

Your benefits:

  • Sales
  • Customer retention
  • Profitability
  • Brand and Dealer reputation
  • Staff retention
All programmes are measured to ensure our clients get the best results and value from their investment with us.

Our solution:

  • Individual action plans created for each dealer following initial on-site diagnostic visit
  • Coaches use a combination of site visits, workshops and broadcasts to deliver an appropriate and unique solution to each Dealer
  • Frequent bursts of convenient and timely online coaching to support progress and embed learning
  • We use proprietary tools to help embed learning and provide a wide suite of performance reports


  • DEKRA have more than 20 years’ experience with new and used car sales coaching
  • DEKRA’s online tool (Performance Manager) loaded with action plans, reports and an encyclopedia of best practice from brand & industry
  • Results/tracking/reports complied at national level and available to all stakeholders (hierarchical access)
  • DEKRA are specialists in Automotive recruitment and can assist brands and dealers in the search for the best personnel