DEKRA Certification celebrates anniversary

25 Years of Expertise and Neutrality

02 Mar 2021

DEKRA Certification GmbH is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary. The certification specialist – a subsidiary of DEKRA, the global organisation of experts – was entered in the commercial register in Stuttgart, Germany, back in February 1996. Over the years, the company has become a global leader as a neutral service provider for audits and certifications according to national, international, and industry standards.

Today, DEKRA Certification is an independent, accredited certification provider with a service network that looks after around 13,000 customers across four continents. With more than 1,000 experienced auditors (locally distributed), four subsidiaries, and numerous partner offices across the globe, the company offers its services in all key markets.
Its portfolio covers audits and certifications of management systems, products, and people with a focus on quality management, environmental management, occupational safety, data security, risk management, and medical devices. DEKRA Certification operates in over 30 industries, with a particular focus on the automotive, healthcare, foodstuffs and animal feed, aviation, transportation, and logistics sectors.
“DEKRA Certification has constantly advanced and improved over the past 25 years,” explains Dr. Rolf Krökel, Managing Director of DEKRA Certification GmbH. “Our systematic expansion to become a full-range provider was a pioneering development in this respect, as was our early focus on internationalisation. We will continue to support industry with our expertise as a neutral service provider, including when it comes to tackling future challenges caused by digitalisation.”
DEKRA Certification GmbH also acts as a Notified Body for medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics (IVD). Here, DEKRA’s experts support manufacturers across the EU with placing medical devices on the market, by providing certifications according to the latest Medical Devices and IVD Directives as well as for management systems according to EN (ISO) 13485.