BAPP® Behavioural Accident Prevention Process

Ensuring and improving workplace safety through exposure reduction

When it comes to promoting safe practices, motivating employees at all levels is about meaningful involvement and engagement. After all, employee cooperation is critical to achieving a safe workplace.

Still, many organisations struggle to engage frontline workers effectively in implementing behavior-based safety. Fewer still are able to deploy this powerful resource consistently to reduce exposure.
Behavioural Accident Prevention Process® (BAPP) technology is our approach to employee-driven safety. It engages frontline employees in their area of expertise: how the work is done. Our application is a powerful tool featuring behavior-based safety training that yields exceptional results in achieving continuous improvement in safety performance.

Your Benefits

  • Employee engagement and buy-in for workplace safety initiatives
  • Expert support in implementing your safety strategy
  • Consistent gains in safety performance

Our Approach

The foundational principle of BAPP® technology is that behavior-based safety is made up of a complex interaction of five basic elements:
1) Critical Behaviours
We start by helping you understand the configuration of equipment, tools, procedures, and human action that creates risk exposure. A steering team reviews a representative selection of the site’s incident reports looking for the behaviors critical to safe performance to define what safe interactions look like in your organisation.
2) Data
3) Feedback
4) Barrier Removal
5) Planning, assessment, implementation and support
With BAPP, we have developed a flexible, systematic, and comprehensive method for improving workplace safety centered on behaviour-based safety. We offer guidance at each stage of BAPP implementation to build your company’s internal resources for long-term sustainability. BAPP initiatives enjoy a long history of success, with the average user site achieving a 25% improvement over its baseline in the first year of the process.
BAPP focuses on exposure upstream of injuries and is proven to produce sustainable results and meaningful employee engagement. In fact, our BAPP initiatives engage all levels of your organization from frontline employees and supervisors to senior managers to promote safety throughout the organisation.


  • We are trusted advisors in the field of behaviour-based safety across industries.
  • We have a team of experts available around the globe to support you in achieving your safety goals.
  • We specialise in innovative and sustainable solutions for improving workplace safety.