Construction Site Safety Management

Our construction site safety expertise and technology reduces risks and incidents

Ensuring safe practices not only protects those on site, but also facilitates reliable construction processes and successful project completion. A combination of in-person expertise and our DEKRA Safety Platform provides you with just the right support for your construction site safety management.

A construction site is a dynamic, constantly evolving workplace accommodating multiple companies and suppliers working in parallel. In addition, vagaries of weather, deliveries and unforeseen events put pressure on stakeholders managing tight deadlines and cost restrictions.
Just as partnering with the most competent engineers and builders contributes to your project’s success, finding the right safety expert and accessing the right tools helps you keep people safe and healthy and your timeline intact. Our safety experts know their way around a construction site, and we have harnessed their expertise to create a platform that empowers project owners, project management companies, general contractors, and construction companies to achieve safety-related performance goals through managing and influencing activities, behaviours and exposure.
In addition to our on-site consulting support, the DEKRA Safety Platform for construction site safety is a practical, efficient way to eliminate or minimise construction site dangers without sacrificing performance.

Your Benefits

  • A solution that supports you in meeting your construction project time line and budget
  • Safer, more efficient projects
  • More reliable processes
  • Leaner workflows

Our Approach

We provide construction site safety support according to your needs, with in-person expertise, our DEKRA Safety Platform technology or a combination of services to guide and empower you to reach your safety goals.

In-person expertise

Our on-site experts are also available to promote safety throughout your construction project’s life cycle, whether you require intensive services in specific areas, sustained assistance or individualised advice.
With our range of modalities and capabilities, we are optimally equipped to support your construction site safety management and the success of your project.
    In the planning phase, we:
    • Advise you regarding legal requirements
    • Gather necessary documents for the implementation phase
    • Create a health and safety plan
    • Prepare advance notice for your construction site
    • Establish site regulations

    DEKRA Safety Platform

    The DEKRA Safety Platform is a cloud-based mobile and web application that allows you to take proactive measures to drive on-site safety, lower costs, and improve efficiency. For instance, you can
    • Create integrated safety networks across your company, across sites, and even across equipment to break down communication barriers and minimise hazards.
    • Collect real-time operational data to identify patterns of risk and prevent incidents and accidents.
    • Access and share data immediately with project stakeholders for smarter communication and real-time decision making
    Customisable and easy to use, our construction site safety technology empowers all members of your organisation to work collectively to enhance the safety, quality, and efficiency of your work environment.

    Why DEKRA?

    • We provide comprehensive, customised construction site safety support with complementary services available under one roof.
    • We leverage our expertise to create innovative, digital safety solutions.
    • We have many years of experience in dealing with construction site regulations, authorities and accident insurance.
    • We are unique in combining safety expertise with safety culture and safety leadership diagnostics and development
    • Our multi-national presence enables you to receive support in the required regions and languages