Dealer Events Management

Plan and support the dealer network to promote and hold successful customer events – Sales, Product Launches etc

"Private sales"  events at the automotive dealership.

Why Events Support?

  • Dealers can lack confidence in planning and the experience to implement successful events
  • A specialist team can provide best practice as well as remain focused on the event alone, not needing to worry about the day-to-day dealer operations in the run-up

Your benefits:

  • Consistent standards and procedures across network
  • High levels of attendance/engagement
  • Perception of brand is enhanced, increasing sales.
  • Network profitability improved
  • Network confidence improved

Our services cover:

Programme Design

  • Market benchmark: environment, customer expectations, positioning and best practices
  • NSC & dealer analysis, expectations, capacity and return on experience
  • Experienced team with proven planning and operational processes to implement

Programme rollout

  • Confident dealer communication plan creation/coaching
  • Online best practice guide and tool box available for dealer staff
  • Additional staff supplied both during marketing build-up and during the event itself


  • Over 20 years’ experience in the UK market
  • Understand evolving customer behaviours and manufacturer/dealer issues
  • Experienced and established events management specialists brought in
  • Provide team with skills, knowledge, behaviours and competencies
  • Build legacy of confidence in events
  • Can provide comprehensive reporting tools

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