Dealer Events Management

Private sales events, customized for success

Customer relationship management, in all its facets, is crucial to both the short and long-term success of automotive manufacturers and their dealer networks. Among the tools and strategies for creating an exceptional experience for your customers is the private sales event.

Hosting well-planned and expertly implemented events can help automotive dealerships achieve a variety of goals, from increasing foot traffic and B2C sales to targeted inventory reductions. The key to their success is customization, so that your defined goals are met.
With extensive industry experience, our experts support your event planning and execution, delegating tasks efficiently and appropriately and keeping your targets front and center. We know how to tailor automotive events to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty as well as move inventory and can show you how to effectively integrate private sales events into your overall customer relationship management strategy.

Your Benefits:

  • Increased dealership foot traffic
  • Targeted inventory reduction
  • B2C sales growth
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty

Our Approach

In order to deliver on its potential, an automotive event requires careful planning and customization. Our experts work closely with you to provide comprehensive private sales event services including:
  • Event design, from planning to execution
  • Point of Sales (POS) and marketing materials
  • Identification of segmentation criteria for your customer database
  • Appointment management and customer reception profiles, among others
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Training, coaching and briefing of all key stakeholders during and after the event


  • We are a team of automotive events experts.
  • We have extensive industry experience and a suite of customer relationship management services to help our clients create unforgettable customer experiences.
  • We specialize in customized private sales events that not only increase B2C sales and dealership foot traffic but also move targeted inventory and contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty