What Process Safety Tests Do I Need? A Roadmap to Safe Operations

Join Stephen Rowe, Managing Director of DEKRA Organisational and Process Safety and Nikesh Shah, Senior Business Development Manager DEKRA Organisational and Process Safety as they dive deep into the intricacies of Process Safety Testing.

“What Process Safety Tests Do I Need? A Roadmap to Safe Operations “ is a must-attend event for anyone who wants to delve deep into the essentials of safety testing and how it is crucial for safe and compliant operations.
Across four decades, we have advised our clients on the specific process safety data requirements for their specific materials and processes. In this period, there are recurrent questions that our clients ask – and in this webinar we seek to demystify the answers to these most frequent questions. Learn which powder tests are critical to ensure process safety for specific unit operations. Find out what tests you need to comply with DSEAR. Discover the intricacies of scaling up safely from laboratory assessment to full production, and understand the critical differences between self-reactive and self-heating substances from a process safety expert’s point of view. Finally, find out how to seamlessly integrate laboratory test results into your processes to protect lives, assets and the environment – all while improving productivity.
This webinar is an invaluable opportunity to enhance your safety protocols with DEKRA's expertise.
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