Hidden Dangers in High-Hazard Facilities: The Top 10 Process and Plant Related Causes of Incidents

Many hazards lurk in high-risk industrial facilities. One major source of knowledge of these comes from understanding what has gone wrong for others in the past.

Our insights will help you navigate the fine line between hazard awareness and robust risk control. Plant and Process safety encompasses a vast spectrum of activities from process safety data acquisition to asset integrity management. In this DEKRA on Demand episode, we explore the critical aspects of safety management in high-hazard facilities, offering insights that are invaluable to companies seeking to bolster their safety practices. Discover practical insights and strategies to prevent incidents and enhance safety excellence within your organisation.
This episode goes beyond surface-level discussions. Our experts are seasoned specialists in process safety and risk management and lead you through a comprehensive analysis of the key factors contributing to incidents in high-hazard facilities.
Explore the dangers of over-relying on a single safety measure and how to diversify your safety strategies for maximum effectiveness.
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