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Whitepaper: Do We Need to Re-Define Process Safety?

The COVID-19 crisis has clearly shown how vulnerable humankind is to new, infectious micro-organisms and is prompting serious reflection on how we can best prepare for and respond to this type of threat. Process safety, originally developed to address and mitigate risks related to hazardous materials and energy sources in an industrial context, can prove useful against biological agents as well, especially as biomanufacturing expands its applications beyond its traditional niche. Faced with new challenges, the process safety framework is sufficiently robust to accommodate the necessary modifications and confront emerging risks.

Implications of a Precursor to COVID-19
The Marburg virus first appeared at three locations in early August 1967: in Marburg an der Lahn and Frankfurt am Main in Germany and in Belgrade, Serbia. ?The virus was traced to a laboratory conducting research on African green monkeys (Cercopithecusaethiops) imported from Uganda, while its reservoir was ultimately found in bats of the Rousettus genus. In this ?first outbreak of the disease, which, like the related Ebola virus, causes hemorrhagic fever, 31 people were infected, and 7 died.
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