Dragon Oil's Journey to a Thriving Safety Culture

How a Tailored Approach Transformed Safety from the Top Down

At DEKRA, we approach safety not as a rigid set of rules, but as a living, breathing culture that permeates every aspect of an organisation. That's why we were excited to collaborate with Dragon Oil on the BOAS (Be Observed, Be Aware, Be Safe) Program to instil a deep-rooted mindset across their Hazar site in Turkmenistan.

When the original “BAPP®” Behavioural Accident Prevention Process acronym used internally wasn't suitable for wider adoption, we embraced this challenge as an opportunity for deeper engagement. Working closely with Dragon Oil , we meticulously crafted a program that resonated with their local context and cultural nuances. The result? BOAS, an acronym that is both clear, actionable, and undeniably catchy, became the cornerstone of the initiative.
Over ten days, DEKRA Consultant, Callum Christie, worked closely with Ian Fletcher (HSE Manager) and Heidar Gamidov (HSE Coordinator) to achieve four key objectives:
1. Igniting the Spark of Awareness: Equipping leadership and supervisory personnel with a comprehensive understanding of the BOAS principles and methodology. This wasn't just about rote memorisation; it was about fostering a genuine appreciation for the program's impact on individual and collective safety.
2. Empowering Champions of Safety: More than just training, we aimed to empower Ian and Heidar to become active advocates for BOAS within their teams. This involved equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to lead by example, answer questions, and address any concerns that might arise.
3. Building a United Front: The Steering Committee plays a crucial role in driving any program's success. We ensured that committee members were fully informed and invested in the BOAS vision, aligning their goals with the program's objectives and fostering a collaborative spirit.
4. Equipping for Action: Knowledge is power, but practical application is where true transformation takes place. The program provided hands-on training on the core components of BOAS, delving into Behavioural Action Planning, Quality Review, and Sustainability Review. This ensured that everyone had the tools and techniques necessary to translate theory into tangible safety improvements.
The BOAS Program wasn't just about ticking boxes; it was about fostering a cultural shift. By tailoring the program to Dragon Oil's specific needs and context, we were able to create a sense of ownership and commitment among their personnel. The collaborative approach, coupled with the clear and relatable BOAS message, resonated deeply with the team, making them active participants in shaping a safer and more productive work environment.
We at DEKRA are excited to witness the continued impact of the BOAS program on Dragon Oil's operations. We are confident that this collaborative effort will not only enhance safety but also cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and shared responsibility, where everyone truly embodies the spirit of "Be Observed, Be Aware, Be Safe."
Our Behavioural Accident Prevention Process® (BAPP) is an approach to employee-driven safety that engages frontline workers to provide input on how work is done based on their expertise. It features behaviour-based safety training and is intended to yield continuous improvements in safety performance. Benefits include increased employee engagement and buy-in on safety initiatives, expert support in implementing safety strategies, and consistent gains in safety metrics. The overall goal is to empower employees to take an active role in identifying and mitigating workplace safety issues.
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