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Combustible dust fires and explosions continue to occur in the manufacturing industry. These incidents range in scale from small dust collector fires with no impact to personnel to large explosions involving multiple fatalities that cause significant supply chain disruption.

If your manufacturing process involves powder handling or particulate solids, it is important for you to consider the following:
  • Can the material be lofted or suspended to form a cloud?
  • How does the material behave in different storage and processing environments?
  • Does the material ignite when exposed to moisture?
  • Does the material rapidly ignite when dispersed in the air and when contacted by an ignition source?
Join our DEKRA experts as they explore the fundamentals Dust Hazard Analysis and respond to your questions in this 60 minute (30 mins + QA) webinar.
Date and time
27 May 2021 2:00 pm (BST)