Fire Protection risk assessments

Expert fire safety risk assessments and consulting

Fire risks are both general and particular: all industries are vulnerable, but each organisation has specific circumstances that influence the likelihood and scope of a blaze, from ignition onward. The more a company knows about its unique hazards, the better equipped it is to implement effective prevention measures. Our fire protection specialists are experienced in applying a wide range of technologies and methods to uncover hidden fire risks and to predict the probable development of a fire in a given scenario. Utilising computer fire models and fire engineering tools, we can interpret fire test results and study fire simulations. We also conduct full scale simulation tests in accordance with our clients’ individual circumstances and provide customised consulting to create sound solutions.

Your Benefits

  • Expert advice paired with advanced fire simulation data
  • Customized solutions based on specialised analysis of fire risks
  • Compliance with fire safety regulations

Our Approach

We are a fire safety consultancy with access to the most advanced fire modelling and simulation technology and methods. Depending on our clients’ needs, we have the capacity to carry out a range of full-scale fire simulation tests on buildings, vehicles, furniture, textiles, products, industrial and storage facilities. Testing can include ignition investigations and small and intermediate-scale fires. With computer fire modelling we can conduct emergency egress analysis or reproduce fire growth, zone room, fire resistance and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) models. By gathering the data relevant to our clients’ particular situations, we can design the most effective fire protection management systems for them to ensure the safety of people and property.


  • We are a reliable and recognised team of fire protection experts.
  • We have access to and experience with cutting edge fire risk assessment technologies.
  • We specialise in science-based, data-driven solutions based on expert fire risk assessments.