Hazardous substances management

Effective hazardous materials management for safety in the workplace

Hazardous substances are present across a range of industries extending beyond the chemical sector or oil and gas. Some materials are not readily recognised as hazardous, despite the dangers they represent in certain contexts. To protect the people exposed to these substances, a legal framework has arisen to regulate how they are handled, processed and stored in the workplace. Many companies choose to take extra measures to ensure the safety of their workers and assets.

Our consultants specialising in hazardous substances management are ready to assist you in understanding and complying with complex regulations and keeping your people and processes safe. We can help ensure that your workplace is properly equipped to prevent accidents and that your workforce is well-informed as to dangers and safety precautions.

Your Benefits

  • Well-informed people and safe processes
  • Accident minimisation or elimination
  • Regulatory compliance

Our Approach

We are passionate about safety in the workplace, and effective hazardous substances management is a key component when it comes to preventing disasters. Our consulting services are designed to help you navigate the complexities of classifying, handling, processing and storing dangerous materials and to educate and inform your team. We offer support on a range of topics, including:
  • Classification of hazardous substances, so that you recognise the dangers present in your workplace. We also create safety info sheets and process instructions to educate your team.
  • Packaging and storage of hazardous substances is important for manufacturers or any organisation that needs to store or process dangerous materials. We advise you regarding permit acquisition, separation of stored substances, warehouse equipment, fire protection and organisational measures.
  • Hazardous substance safety advisors, who, as external consultants, can advise you on a range of issues related to process safety, support the implementation of a hazardous substances management system and provide training sessions for employees.
  • Hazardous substances management systems that ensure your processes, documentation and employee protection efforts are systematically and effectively organised.


  • We are experienced specialists in process safety and hazardous substances management in the workplace.
  • We have extensive knowledge regarding classification and regulation of hazardous goods.
  • We specialise in designing, implementing and supporting hazardous substances management systems to maintain a safe work environment and optimal process safety.