HAZOP Training

HAZOP Training for Participants and Leaders

Whether you are carrying out HAZOP on a new plant, evaluating an existing HAZOP or managing change, DEKRA has the up-to-date training backed by resources and skills to complete this task.

The Course Covers

A standalone introductory day for people new to HAZOPs. It explains the purpose, structure, and objectives of a HAZOP study. It introduces the delegate to how the HAZOP study is structured and the role and participation expected of them.
A further 3 days giving in-depth teaching on HAZOP studies with the aim of delegates developing HAZOP Leadership skills.
The course is completed in 4 days (see below for more detail)
  • Day 1 HAZOP Introduction (Participation)
  • Day 2 HAZOP Leadership (Planning and Preparation)
  • Day 3 HAZOP Leadership (Execution)
  • Day 4 HAZOP Leadership (Execution)
Delegates can attend day 1 only. This will make them more effective HAZOP participants which in turn will make the HAZOP study more efficient and produce a higher quality study.
Delegates who have attended day 1 and those who already have some experience of HAZOP studies, can attend Days 2,3,4 to develop their leadership skills.
You Will Learn
  • When and how HAZOP should be used,
  • Effective use of HAZID technique to streamline HAZOPs
  • How to plan and prepare so that A HAZOP study is executed efficiently
  • How to conduct a HAZOP on continuous and batch process plants
  • How to revalidate existing HAZOP studies without doing a complete reHAZOP
  • The use of risk assessment in HAZOP studies and ALARP demonstration
  • Techniques for effective leadership of a HAZOP study
  • The role of the secretary or recorder
  • How a HAZOP should be managed, including action tracking
  • How to develop and audit HAZOP procedures.
The course incorporates HAZOP exercises on continuous and batch manufacturing plants, which will allow delegates to practise preparing for, leading and recording a HAZOP.
The course is packed with practical examples, demonstrations, and videos, accompanied by well-designed slides and written course notes for personal reading. The teaching methods employed in the course are effective and aim to provide an informative and enjoyable learning experience for participants.
Who will benefit?
Plant Designers, Engineers, Operational staff and managers (and those with similar responsibilities) from companies storing, handling, using or processing flammable liquids, gases and/or powders, including those materials generated as waste streams (e.g. flammable dust collected in a filter). Many operators and senior managers have also benefited from attending this course.

Day 1 HAZOP Participation
  • History of HAZOP (ICI)
  • Why do HAZOPs?
  • What is a HAZOP & What its HAZOP not
  • Information/documentation for a HAZOP
  • Basis of Safety / Safety envelope
  • Role Participation
  • HAZOP methodology
  • Rules of a Meeting
  • Risk Decision Making
  • Recommendations
  • Participants & their role in making a HAZOP successful
  • Post HAZOP activity - Close out of Actions
Day 2 HAZOP Leadership (Planning and Preparation)
  • A review of the requirements of BS EN 61822 HAZOP Application Guide
  • What is a competent HAZOP leader?
  • When to use a HAZOP and when other simpler techniques (e.g. HAZIDs) can be used?
  • Preparation for a HAZOP & What information do you need to do a HAZOP
  • Planning for a HAZOP (Who, what where, when)
  • HAZOP structure and Node selection
  • HAZOP methodology
  • Role of participants (esp. Scribe)
Day 3 HAZOP Leadership (Execution)
  • HAZOPing Continuous Operations
  • HAZOPing Batch Operations
  • Transient HAZOPs - hazops on procedures - startup / shutdown
  • Recording HAZOPs
  • Recommendations
  • Pitfalls to watch for as a Leader
  • ALARP Demonstration and Risk Management
Day 4 HAZOP Leadership (Execution)
  • Revalidating HAZOPs & Delta HAZOPs
  • Effective use of HAZID technique to streamline HAZOPs
  • Managing the Quality of HAZOPs
  • LOPA – developing LOPA scenarios
  • Identify Human Factor Issues and SCTA
  • Monitoring and closing out HAZOP Actions
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Course Tariff

* PLEASE NOTE: Units can also be studied separately as single day courses, for more details on this please contact us.
1 day £490
2 days £980
3 days £1470
4 days £1950
A key aspect to our courses is for our delegates to gain the knowledge and solutions applicable to their own situations, so numbers are capped to ensure we have sufficient time for your feedback and early booking is therefore recommended.
What our delegates say

The course leader set the tone for the day in the introduction. This created a good atmosphere for the course and a lot of the dialogue between the leader and the participants.

Well done guys, enjoyed the course very much. Thanks!