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Human Performance Reliability Assessment and Services

Improved operational performance with our human reliability analysis

The higher your organisation’s level of operational reliability, the greater your chances for success. Operational reliability, however, depends on human reliability, or the degree to which your team can work error-free. By understanding more fully how human factors such as decision-making, attention and habit formation can be influenced, you can create the conditions for increased human reliability.

Benefits of human reliability assessment – DEKRA Consulting

Our human reliability analysis services are based on ground-breaking discoveries in neuroscience combined with High Performance Reliability Organisation (HighPRO) principles. We help you identify hidden elements in your company that may affect human performance adversely, such as work environments, technological interfaces and more. We then help you align them more effectively with how the human brain actually works.

Your Benefits

Benefits of human reliability assessment – DEKRA Consulting
Reduce human error and take advantage of our human performance assessment and services!

  • A workforce that makes better decisions and fewer mistakes
  • A workplace that works with - not against - the human brain
  • A competitive edge through higher operational reliability

Our Approach

Applying advances in neuroscience and what we know about HighPRO success, we have designed a four-phased approach to improving human performance and reliability. Phase 1 is an operations analysis that identifies elements inherent in organisational practices and job tasks that exacerbate or contribute to human error due to brain-centered hazards. In phase 2, we use the findings from the operations analysis to create a customised road map that describes modifications needed at the organisational, team and individual level in order to achieve greater reliability. Phase 3 focuses on implementation, with our experts working closely with corporate and site leaders as well as with team members. The final phase concentrates on monitoring, evaluating and continuously embedding the new practices to improve human reliability.

We prioritise prevention, which, when it comes to human performance, must take into account critical exposures related to the human brain. Our human reliability assessments identify gaps and implements brain-aligned solutions:

  • We analyse operations to identify reliability strengths and gaps that inform a collaborative and sustainable path forward.
  • We align the organisation and sites, establishing decision-making guidelines to rely on when competing demands are present.
  • We apply neuroscience at the human/machine interface to reduce risk of error from Brain-Centered Hazard (BCH) exposures in the physical work environment. We modify existing tools to create Brain-Aligned SOPs™, permits, JSAs, Brain-Activating Job Training™, and Brain-Activating Leadership Messaging.
  • We install real-time reliability drivers, such as Making Safe Decisions™, Brain-Centric Leadership™ Seminar, and online and face-to-face fatigue education for leaders and teams to enhance Individual and team “right first time” capabilities.

To assist our clients in choosing the right combination of solutions for their organisations, we have arranged our services into solution streams depending on objectives:

  • “All streams”: Foundational courses, designed so that employees at all organisational levels can start with a common understanding of the fundamental drivers of human performance reliability.
  • “Brain-Centric Risk Management & Hazard Control”: Manage operational risk from the boardroom through to frontline work teams and individual contributors and establish aligned standards and decision-making paradigms, taking into account the neuroscience of risk processing and hazard recognition.
  • “Reliability-Focused Performance Management”: Incorporate an understanding of how the human brain works into approaches to organisational culture, structures and practices that mitigate brain-centered hazards (BCHs).
  • “FRMS – Fatigue Risk Management System Solutions”: Confront the problems and costs that arise from unchecked workplace fatigue and educate leaders about this phenomenon, help them mitigate it among their employees and tackle it at the source.


  • We are experts with a passion for science and how it can change organizations for the better.
  • We have proven tools that can have a transformative effect on human performance.
  • We are specialists in human performance evaluation, behavior based training and cultural change.

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