Lead Management

Take the lead: Convert potential buyers into satisfied customers

The market for automotive sales is increasingly characterized by intense competition and a dynamic consumer landscape where digital platforms play an important role. Under these conditions, acquiring new customers and ensuring loyalty demands a proactive approach and a reassessment of conventional methods.

To remain competitive, dealerships must make a fundamental shift from a push to a pull strategy. This means taking the lead and contacting potential customers as early as possible in their decision-making process.
Many dealerships lack the know-how, the necessary systems and the qualified personnel to do this. Our lead centers manage calls, guide and nurture customers until the lead becomes a useful contact to be sent to dealers’ sales advisors.
We support you in proactively addressing potential customers and generating valuable leads in your target groups.

Your benefits:

  • Clearly structured online system for monitoring the processing status of leads
  • Timely lead management and follow-up
  • Coaching for first-rate lead processing
  • Generation and qualification of leads and potential buyers

Our approach:

Our experienced experts work with you to define your target group or groups clearly so that our lead center can initiate contact with promising potential buyers. Contacts are structured and highlight predefined topics likely to result in solid leads.
At the same time, we collect important additional information on prospective customers’ current vehicles and purchasing plans. This pre-qualified data is made available to you immediately through a dedicated online system displaying the current processing status of each pre-qualified lead. Your sales advisors then contact the potential customer promptly, address their needs and concerns and successfully close the sale.
Since this approach diverges from the usual sales process, our consultants actively support you as a dealer in establishing efficient lead management processes and converting leads into sales.


  • We are a team of experienced consultants and telephone agents specializing in automotive sales and capable of qualifying leads and developing partnerships with distributors and their salespeople.
  • We have a telephone and e-mail reception platform capable of handling 100% of leads, nearly 90% of them immediately.
  • We specialize in implementing effective management systems and support our clients in successful lead conversion.
  • We work to achieve a defined conversion rate, which serves as our measure of success.