Mission Zero Press Release

Mission Zero and DEKRA join forces to raise standards of fleet accreditation audits

26 Apr 2023
Mission Zero, one of the UK’s leading fleet accreditation schemes, is proud to announce it has appointed global standards and practices advisors, DEKRA, as one of its principal auditing providers, to raise the bar on transport audit standards, whilst ensuring fleet operators receive the best possible audit experience.
Nick Caesari, CEO of Mission Zero said “Mission Zero is a customer-centric fleet accreditation scheme, by operators for operators, and our ‘customer first’ ethos means we have to ensure that the audit experience our customers receive is second to none and supports operators throughout their Mission Zero journey”.
The partnership with DEKRA means they will be undertaking the majority of Mission Zero audits, as well as collaborating on the continuing development of the audit standards program. Caesari said “DEKRA is a global powerhouse when it comes to safety, standards and auditing. Crucially, they also share our values, passion and commitment for change; they are the obvious partner for Mission Zero to provide the best possible audit experience for our customers”.
“Since inception, Mission Zero identified that a different approach was required to ensure the Customer experience was maximised through transparency and a high level of support on the day of the audit but also before and after through online resources, which is all aimed at making the audit experience valued.”, Caesari said.
In response to this, Mission Zero auditors discuss results throughout the audit, which are subject to final quality assurance approval, to ensure that operators fully understand what is expected by the standard and have every opportunity to demonstrate compliance. Auditors also signpost the wealth of free resources (policies procedures, risk assessments etc.) that are available from Mission Zero so that customers can quickly address any gaps.
Caesari said “We don’t use words like ‘fail’, nobody fails a Mission Zero audit, they just haven’t met the requirements as yet, but it is our role to ensure that our customers fully understand what is required and what support is available to help them”
Jon Sweet, Managing Director of DEKRA UK said “Mission Zero’s fresh approach to both raising audit standards and customer service is fully aligned to our own values so we were very keen to partner and work alongside them to help support fleet operators, as well as the growth of the Mission Zero scheme”.
Mission Zero
Mission Zero is one the UK’s leading fleet accreditation schemes supporting fleet operators in achieving zero collision, zero emissions and zero prohibitions.
Designed for all vehicle types, Mission Zero is based on a full legal compliance audit but also incorporates industry best practice and contractual requirements. Recognised by Transport for London, CLOCS, HS2, as well as other leading specifiers, Mission Zero provides fleet operators with a single path to meeting both legal and contractual requirements, meaning they no longer have to join multiple accreditation schemes to cover all aspects.
For more information please see www.missionzero.org.uk
DEKRA will be the global partner for a safe, secure and sustainable world.
The world of tomorrow will be more interconnected than ever before: Automated driving, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and new mobility concepts will all have an increasingly strong influence on our lives. As a global partner for a safe world, we are thinking ahead in terms of these developments. This includes clear guidelines and standards for the interplay between humans and technology. For a future based on safe technology.
Life is getting more and more complex. And more and more automated. DEKRA is committed to laying the foundations for a worry-free, hazard-free life for everyone. Tens of thousands of experts are working to make life safe for people all over the world, whether they are on the roads, at work, or at home.
When it comes to safety, we are always thinking ahead and striving to reduce technical risks towards ZERO.