Occupied Building Risk Assessment
Is Your Workplace a Safe Haven or a Potential Danger Zone?

Learn how an Occupational Building Risk Assessment can transform your workplace and asset safety.

Occupied Building Risk Assessment

Ensuring Safety and Securing Assets

The safety of your workforce and the preservation of valuable assets are paramount concerns. The ramifications of neglecting the Occupied Building Risk Assessment (OBRA) extend far beyond immediate threats; they encompass potential disaster scenarios, legal consequences, and the reputation of your organisation. At DEKRA, we offer a comprehensive OBRA service meticulously crafted to not only mitigate risks but also enhance safety measures and ensure unwavering compliance with industry standards. Do not leave the safety of your occupied buildings to chance or overlook the imperative need for a comprehensive OBRA.
Protecting Lives, Assets, and Reputation
In the complex and high-stakes environment of industrial processes, the safety and well-being of those who occupy buildings on process sites is of utmost importance. Failing to prioritise and execute an effective Occupied Building Risk Assessment (OBRA) not only places lives in danger but also exposes your organisation to potential disasters, legal entanglements, and reputational damage.
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DEKRA's Approach to OBRA: Methodology and Process

Our OBRA process is a meticulous and structured approach designed to comprehensively evaluate the risks associated with your occupied buildings. Here's how we ensure your safety:
  • Risk Assessment: We conduct a thorough risk assessment, considering the potential hazards that can impact those working in your buildings.
  • Safety Design: Our experts define robust safety design principles and measures, ensuring occupants can escape safely.
  • Viability Evaluation: We evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of different building and process storage/plant options, optimising safety and efficiency.
  • Guideline Compliance: Our assessments align with established guidance for occupied buildings, guaranteeing adherence to industry standards.

Optimal Approach for Building Risk Assessment

Discover our strategic guide for assessing risks in occupied buildings on process sites. Explore essential steps to safeguard lives, assets, and ensure compliance in industrial environments.
Why Choose DEKRA?
Specialised Knowledge

We possess extensive expertise in process risks and their assessment, allowing us to tailor OBRA to your site's specific needs.

Consistency and Reliability

DEKRA ensures consistency in developing and documenting OBRA assessments, giving you peace of mind.

Industry Experience

With a proven track record in various process industries handling hazardous materials, we bring invaluable insights to your project.

Comprehensive Support

We assist at every stage of the assessment process, reviewing existing submissions to identify and rectify any shortcomings.

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