Open Training Courses

Open Training Courses

Open Training Courses

DEKRA has thousands of hours of experience in process safety and over the years has developed a range of specialist courses. Our aim is to assist companies in developing and promoting and understanding of hazard awareness in their workforce as well as providing detailed technical knowledge on hazard and risk assessment and legal compliance. Our courses are available either as public events or as tailored in-company courses. Details of the benefits of each format can be found on the following web pages.

For assistance, please email us or call Hilary Fielder or Victoria Troke on +44 (0) 23 8076 0722.

Upcoming Courses

NB: Due to the current ongoing covid-19 pandemic, we will continue to monitor and review the situation with our courses.

**5% Earlybird discount if booked one month prior to course start date.
**5% discount for 2 or more people attending from the same company.

Practical Aspects of DSEAR Compliance Success (*4 Days):

This *4-day course, Practical Aspects of DSEAR Compliance Success, covers Hazardous Area Classification (HAC), Dust, Gas and Vapour Explosion Hazards, Industrial Electrostatic Hazards and Non-Electrical (Mechanical) Ignition Risk Assessment. The course can be booked as a complete four day package, or as individual/multiple days dependent on personal requirements. Please note, this course is now accredited by IChemE.

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Practical Aspects of DSEAR Compliance Success - Southampton 17th-20th March 2020 BOOKING NOW CLOSED

Practical Aspects of DSEAR Compliance Success - Manchester 8th-11th September 2020 NB: We intend to run this course following a full covid-19 risk assessment and with the usual social distancing measures in place, subject to any changes in the current situation; however, we reserve the right to deliver the course remotely if deemed necessary. We will continue to monitor and review the situation.

Practical Aspects of DSEAR Compliance Success - Leeds 24th-27th November 2020

Preventing Reaction Runaway

This course is designed to equip staff with the necessary tools to be able to identify chemical reaction hazards, interpret test data correctly and develop a robust basis of safety. A special focus is provided on the design of emergency relief systems as a primary safeguard in asset protection and life preservation. It is a multidisciplinary course straddling chemistry and chemical engineering to seek to close the gap between the disciplines which often results in processes being scaled up that could have been inherently safer. The course can be booked as a complete two day package, or as individual days dependent on personal requirements.

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Preventing Reaction Runaway - Integrating Safety Assessment into Process Life Cycle & Practicalities of Emergency Pressure Relief Design (2 Days) - 6-7 October 2020

Maintaining a SIL Rated System from Commissioning Onwards

This course is for maintenance engineers who are required to maintain a SIL-rated safety instrumented system (“SIF”) and can be asked to be involved in installation and commissioning. It covers the legal requirements for commissioning and maintenance of SIL-rated systems protecting any dangerous substance. Thus the maintenance engineer discovers what needs to be included and covered at installation, commissioning and during maintenance of the SIF. During the life of the SIF the course looks at replacement and repair activities that occur. The course also covers the relevant aspects of the management of changes as well as full and partial proof testing. The result is that anyone involved in maintenance of a SIL rated safety instrument understands what they need, what they can find, and what is required of them.

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20th-21st October 2020 – 2 day course

Design, Development, and Scale-up of safe Chemical Processes and Operations

Developing safe processes is of paramount importance to any chemical company. Exothermic chemical reactions in batch and semi- batch processes can result in serious injury to people and plant if they get out of control. Results of thermal runaways include violent loss of containment, possibly explosion and the release of flammable or toxic materials to the environment.

Run in conjunction with Scientific Update, this 5-day virtual course will be delivered UK time (BST) using the Go-To-Webinar platform.

01-05 June 2020 - 5 Day Online Course

Course Tariff

*PLEASE NOTE: Units can also be studied separately as single day courses, for more details on this please contact us.

  • 1 day £615.00/€765.00
  • 2 day £890.00/€1115.00
  • 3 day £1130.00/€1415.00
  • 4 day £1265.00/€1585.00

A key aspect to our courses is for our delegates to gain the knowledge and solutions applicable to their own situations, so numbers are capped to ensure we have sufficient time for your feedback and early booking is therefore recommended.

**Discounts apply to DEKRA courses only, and are not applicible to courses delivered in conjunction with any of our partners

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