Process Safety Academy (In-Person Training)

Competence development and training in process safety

Process safety is truly sustainable when the attitudes and behaviors that support it are fully embedded in an organization. This means not only complying with industry regulations, but also a continuous learning and development.

The DEKRA Process Safety Academy provides training in all areas of process safety and critically embeds and supports classroom learning with a range of peripheral support activities designed to ensure that internal competence is developed, demonstrable and sustainable. To this end, we incorporate various learning methodologies, including public courses and events, tailored in-house courses, e-learning and computer-based training and competence development programs. Offering both a variety of delivery methods and expertise in each content area, our courses ensure that participants remain engaged and fully integrate their new skills and knowledge into their daily work.

Your Benefits

  • Cross-departmental involvement
  • Availability in several world languages
  • Customized courses tailored to participants’ levels

Our Approach

Every department in your organization can benefit from our training program. We have worked with members of production, maintenance, engineering, HSE, R&D, laboratory as well as contractors. As a result of our global presence, instruction can be delivered in several languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish. With more than 30 years of expertise, our highly qualified team of learning experts, senior practitioners and scientists make us the global experts in process safety who care about your learning. Our expertise covers a wide range of sectors, including:
  • agrochemical
  • chemical
  • food processing
  • metals
  • oil and gas
  • pharmaceuticals
  • plastics
  • rubber and related industries.
We are also equipped to deliver instruction at a variety of competence levels, starting with awareness and moving on to basic, advanced and expert. This way we customize each course according to participants, whether they are front line operators, engineers, supervisors, managers or directors.

Process safety trainings in five core areas

We provide process safety trainings in the following core areas:
    • SEVESO / COMAH / DSEAR / OSHA / CLP / GHS / transportation
    • NFPA 652 - Standard on fundamentals of combustible dust - Understanding the requirements of this new NFPA 652

    Why DEKRA?

    • We are global experts in process safety and help you establish safety excellence in your organization.
    • We have recognized expertise in a wide variety of sectors.
    • We specialize in creating engaging, customized courses for companies worldwide.