Psychological Assessment and Services

Less psychological stress at work, greater well-being for your team

The pace of work is steadily increasing and with it, the incidence of burnout, worker fatigue and exhaustion. These are not the ideal conditions for productivity and performance to grow. However, progress in neuroscience has given us new ways to combat these hazards of the modern workplace.

Our science-based approach is designed to help recognise and gauge the level of stress your employees are experiencing. The procedure is anonymous, quick and easy and yields immediate results and recommendations. By addressing the psychological pressures your team faces, you can transform your workplace and increase the motivation, satisfaction and productivity of your staff.

Your Benefits

  • A more motivated, productive staff
  • An attractive work environment for potential talent
  • Proof of your commitment to employee well-being
  • Fewer employee absences and sick days

Our Approach

Our science-based approach measures not only the objective stressors your team faces on the job, but also the subjective perception each individual experience as a result of work-related stress. We customise the digital questionnaire to suit the needs of your organisation, and our experts closely supervise the process from start to finish.
The process is simple: listen, prioritise, act. Your employees feel heard as individuals with our tailored questionnaire. We then help you prioritise the most effective measures based on the survey results. Finally, we offer support during implementation according to location, department and team.
You can choose from three options (Basis, Plus and Premium), each of which uses a quick, easy and anonymous digital survey to obtain insight into how your personnel perceive psychological stress in the workplace.
  • DearEmployee-Basis delivers an overview of existing psychological hazards and offers solutions for reducing their presence and impact. For small businesses, this version is available as a “check-up” option.
  • With DearEmployee-Plus, you receive targeted recommendations for improving employee well-being and systematically reducing sick days.
  • DearEmployee-Premium includes a tool for company leadership with a comprehensive data analysis reflecting the psychological condition of the workforce and with strategies for developing a stronger, motivated and productive team.
Our experts accompany the implementation of your psychological risk assessment and are available to answer the questions you may have.


  • Science-based solutions: we provide quick, easy, economical and anonymous tools
  • Expertise and experience: we know what to keep in mind and what leads to success
  • Trusted advisors: we are at your side to answer questions and offer support